Quality Assurance for APIs with SOAtest

In the past we talked about the importance of an excellent set of tools to manage and perform the testing of APIs. A superior API testing tool needs to easily create test scripts, target multiple environments quickly, support most industry standards, and be platform agnostic. Other features like test automation and powerful command line support make the QA engineer’s life a bit easier.

SOAtest is an API testing tool earning many accolades in the industry. Let’s take a look at some of its features to see it makes sense to include it as part of your QA team’s testing arsenal.

A Closer Look at SOAtest

SOAtest, developed by Parasoft, provides end-to-end testing of APIs and any application that depends on an API as part of its backend. This includes Cloud-based applications, websites, mobile apps, and applications leveraging a service-based architecture. It performs a full range of testing: regression tests, integration tests, load tests, security tests, UI validation, and more.

Nearly all interfaces and messaging types are also supported, including REST, XML, JSON, and so on. You are even able to validate your own custom messaging formats using this tool. This flexibility and support for so many industry standards — SOAtest is platform agnostic as well — remains one of the reasons the software is so popular among QA engineers and software developers.

Forrester Research named SOAtest as one of its leaders in the research firm’s The Forrester Wave: Modern Application Functional Test Automation Tools study in 2015. Forrester called the product “a key player in the continuous delivery world allowing developers to promote low-risk, quality-release candidates in delivery pipelines.”

Making the QA Engineer’s Job Easier

Featuring an intuitive interface encapsulating powerful functionality, SOAtest allows QA engineers to accomplish more during their workday — something vital in development shops with a continuous delivery release schedule. Service virtualization and simple test data management allows for the speedy testing of enterprise solutions with multiple endpoints. Automated running of regression tests helps validate a release before it hits production.

Load and performance testing is especially important in this era of social media which requires fast and seamless scalability of web-based applications. SOAtest makes it easy to test APIs and API-based applications under different load scenarios — including multithreaded architectures. You are able to predefine service quality metrics for use when ensuring an application’s performance under a variety of loads.

SOAtest even provides support for web UI testing that also fosters collaboration between your technical team and business stakeholders. It can test interfaces across many different browsers — including mobile. Additionally, a lightweight runtime error detection facility can be embedded in your application with little to no performance hit.

In short, SOAtest’s wide range of testing functionality combined with its support for most industry standard interface and message types makes it worthy of further exploration at your development shop. We didn’t even go into detail about the tool’s security and development testing features. SOAtest truly is an API testing tool that can do a whole lot more.

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